• Nutrition and lifestyle: The fundamentals (4 weeks program): £100

    · Initial consultation (60 minutes)
    · Personalised plan presentation (45 minutes)
    · Support Call (15 minutes)
    · Follow-up consultation (60 minutes)

    ·Initial consultation
    What to expect: We will go through your full health history, discuss your symptoms, your current diet and lifestyle, and your goals.
    You will be required to bring a food diary as well as a list of medicines you are currently taking.

    · Personalised plan presentation (3 to 7 days later)
    According to all the information we have discussed, I will create your clear and easy to follow, personalised plan. The initial plan will be about providing you the fundamentals of diet, movement, sleep and stress management in order to bring you to your optimal state of health.
    What you won’t get
    : Short-term quick “fixes”, fad diets or the latest social media trends.

    ·Follow-up consultation
    The follow-up consultation usually takes place after 4 to 6 weeks.
    We will review your progress, address your struggles, make adjustments and I will be able to offer more targeted support now that the fundamentals are in place.
    I may also prescribe a supplement program and functional testing at this stage.

    ·15 minute extra support (via telephone, skype or email)
    I will encourage you to record any doubt or question you may have after starting your plan and we can address these during a 15 minute conversation at any point you like between the initial consultation and the follow-up.


  • Additional follow-up consultations (60 minutes): £40

    I aim to promote long term changes for life-long health benefits, therefore, depending on your goals and the conditions you wish to address, several consultations may be needed.


  • Full nutrition and lifestyle support (12 weeks program): £190

    ·Initial consultation
    ·Personalised plan presentation
    ·Shopping trip
    ·Pantry clearing
    ·2 follow-up consultations
    ·30 minute additional support calls or emails to be spread between consultations.

  • Nutrigenetic consultation: £150 + test 

As a registered nutrigenetic counsellor, I offered in depth interpretation of DNA tests for those ready to take their health to the next level by implementing a diet and lifestyle tailored to their genes.

I use the best tests on the market: DNA life from Nordic Laboratories:

DNA health: £199
DNA Diet: £149
DNA mind: £149
DNA skin: £149
DNA sport: £149
DNA oestrogen: £149


Additional services:

In order to support you making positive changes and putting my recommendations into practice, I offer the following services:

  • Food shopping: £35

    I can help you create new shopping habits according to your personalised plan with a shopping trip to the supermarket or online. This includes tips on how to chose the best local and seasonal ingredients, read labels, healthy swaps and alternatives and money saving tips.

  • Pantry clearing and reorganising: (Add-on service: £25)

    In order to make the transition to your new lifestyle as smooth as possible, I can help you rearrange your pantry and give you tips on the ingredients to always have and the ones that could sabotage your new habits. It can also include advice on kitchen utensils, cleaning products and personal care.


Functional testing:

Testing can be a profoundly useful tool to determine the root cause of a health condition and personalise your plan even more.
I work with renowned companies like Genova Diagnostics, Biolab, Cambridge Nutritional Science, LifecodeGX, InVivo, Nordic Laboratories and many more.

Some of the tests I offer are:

  • DNA testing
  • Microbiome analysis
  • Food intolerance test
  • Hair mineral and heavy metals analysis
  • Hormonal health
  • Vitamins, antioxidants and amino acid assessment



Nutritional Therapy is recognised as a complementary medicine and is relevant for individuals with chronic conditions, as well as those looking for support to enhance their health and wellbeing, however, it is not a replacement for medical advice.
All your information will remain strictly confidential  and will be collected in a non-judgemental setting.