• Nutrition and lifestyle: The fundamentals – 90 minutes – 2500 kr

    This consultation is about establishing a basis for health: eating food your body recognizes, getting a minimal amount of movement and light to support body and brain functions, ensuring you get enough sleep and manage stress levels.


    What it involves:
    -A 60 minute consultation: We will discuss your symptoms, your current diet and lifestyle, and your goals.
    You will be required to bring a food diary and fill a questionnaire beforehand.
    Together, we will agree on some changes that fit into your current life.
    You will get a clear and easy to follow, personalised plan to provide you the fundamentals of diet, movement, sleep and stress management to establish a basis for health.
    -A 30 minute food shopping to buy the products I recommend in my plan.

    What you won’t get: Short-term quick “fixes”, fad diets or the latest social media trends.

    Who is it for: Those who want to address or prevent unspecific 21st century conditions like fatigue, improve their general health, and thrive.
    This is also the starting point if you wish to explore Functional Medicine.
    This service requires a lot of commitment and is for individual willing to make significant changes to their lifestyle and rethink their priority.
    If you are not there yet in your journey, I recommend you start with “Upgrade your diet”.

  • Upgrade your diet –75 min – 1700 kr

    Nutrition is only one pillar of health and diet alone will never counteract poor sleep, lack of physical activity and chronic stress, however, it can be a powerful tool to start your healing journey.

    Who is it for:
    Those who are not looking to make drastic changes to their lifestyle but would like to explore the eating habits that could be sabotaging their health and find simple tweaks that can make a significant difference to their daily life.

    What it involves: In this express consultation, we will focus on improving the quality of your diet.
    We will swap processed foods for real foods that support optimal health.
    This can improve energy, digestion, mood, and overall wellbeing.
    Together, we go through a typical day and we agree on a list of 10 nutrition changes applicable straight away.
    The consultation will be followed by a 15-min personal food shopping for 1 breakfast, lunch and dinner.This does not address specific symptoms, medical conditions or invloves Functional Medicine.

  • Nutitional therapy following the principles of Functional Medicine – from 4500 kr*

    -Nutrition and lifestyle: The fundamentals – 90 min
    -A 30 min personalised grocery shopping
    -Functional medicine consultation 4 to 6 weeks later – 60 min or more*

    Before digging into your health history, using expensive testing or considering fancy protocoles, I always ask this question first: Are your current diet and lifestyle promoting optimal health?
    If you live in the 21st century, the answer will most likely be no.
    Without the fundamental pillars, your body cannot heal and there is no point addressing specific health issues.

    What it involves: After the necessary time applying The Fundamentals, and if still needed – because the magic is, if you give your body a chance to heal, it usually will – then we can start applying the principles of Functional Medicine.
    Disease does not happen overnight, it is the results of year of imbalances.
    We will look for deeper root causes to your condition though extensive IFM questionnaires, detailed health history, and testing if needed. And then we can apply targetted therapeutic protocols and supplements if needed.

    Who is it for: Those with a diagnosed medical condition who wish to address the root cause of their disease rather than treat the symptoms and use nutrition and lifestyle to improve their health.

    *For very complex cases (extensive medications and/or test results from other physicians, multiple diagnosis etc), extra time might be needed. Every additional 30 minutes will be charged 800 kr

  • Personal grocery shopping: (60 minutes + ) – From 1200 kr

    If you are interested in improving the quality of your diet, and make healthier, more sustainable and ethical choices, we will do a methodical shop together. We will swap your staples for higher quality and more delicious alternatives.
    You will learn how to do methodical food shoppings, read labels and tricks to reduce food waste.
    This does not include a health consultation.

    Extra: If you are interested to know where your food comes from, I also organise tours of local farms in the south of Stockholm where you can meet the wonderful people working so hard to produce delicious food while respecting the enviroment and prioritizing animal welfare.


  • Follow-up consultations: (60 minutes +) from 1500 kr

    I aim to promote long-term changes for life-long health benefits, therefore, depending on your goals and the conditions you wish to address, several consultations may be needed.
    We will review your progress, address your struggles, make adjustments and I will be able to offer more targeted support now that the fundamentals are in place.
    We can also discuss a supplement program and functional testing at this stage.
  • Biohacking consultations – Contact me for prices

    Have you already made all the fundamental diet and lifestyle changes and you are ready to take your health to the next level?
    Are you interested in using tracking methods like the Oura ring or continuous blood glucose monitor (CGM)?
    I can help you analyse your data and biohack your way to optimal health through the latest methods including environmental hormesis, hot and cold exposure, breathing techniques, vagus nerve stimulation, neuroplasticity, HRV optimization, supplements and more.
    Biohacking Stockholm

  • Referrals

    Health is multidimensional so I will often refer to other therapies for a holistic healing approach.
    I have teamed up with the best practitioners in and around Stockholm, including:
    -Health coach
    -Breath coach/classes
    -Shiatsu massage
    -Yoga therapy
    -Nervous system retraining
    -Trauma Release Exercise
    -Cold therapy
    -Personal trainer

Nutritional Therapy is recognised as a complementary medicine and is relevant for individuals with chronic conditions, as well as those looking for support to enhance their health and wellbeing, however, it is not a replacement for medical advice.
All your information will remain strictly confidential  and will be collected in a non-judgemental setting.

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