I am currently available for consultations at the following location:

  • Järna and Stockholm – contact me for bookings
  • Online: I temporarily offer online consultations, however, the first consultation and food shopping is preferably in person.

Current waiting time: I do not have any availability at the moment. I will be available again in 2023.
Please contact me if you wish to join my waiting list.

It is very important that we are a good match. My approach is not for everyone. I do not sugar-coat things and you need to be ready to hear some harsh truths.
I only work with individuals who are:
-Willing to make significant changes to their lifestyle like cutting out processed foods and prioritizing sleep and stress management as no healing can happen without these fundamental pillars.
-Looking for long-term health improvements rather than quick fixes.
-Interested in where food comes from and supporting local producers.
-Willing to invest in higher quality food.
-Concerned about the environment and animal welfare.

I am not very active on social media but you can see my posts here and decide if my approach is suitable for you.

If you are interested in a consultation, you can contact me to organise a free 10-minute call before booking an appointment.
It is important that we have this initial call to assess if my approach fits your goals and expectations.

To contact me:

  • Use the form below
  • Send me an email to

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