Food boxes delivery

Coming in May 2023!

Our food system is broken. I am on a mission to fix it!

Difficulty sourcing high-quality food is the biggest obstacle in my clients’ healing journey.
All my recommendations are irrelevant if the foods I suggest are simply not available.
It became absurd to send my clients to the supermarket, full of ultra-processed junk.

I had enough of this myself. Hunting for high-quality food in Stockholm was a full-time job.
So last year, I made the decision to leave the city and start a little farm in the countryside.
I am now living my dream of eating only local, seasonal foods produced in the best way possible.

I know that many people have the same wish but starting a farm is not accessible to everyone. I want to change this!
So I have partnered up with my local organic regenerative farm and will start food box deliveries in May 2023.

These will include:

-Grass-fed meat and organs
-Pastured-raised eggs
-Raw goat milk, yoghurt and cheese
-Raw honey
-Seasonal vegetables
-Bone broth

I am currently working on the logistic and I would love to hear from you!
I will not be able to make home deliveries (yet!) so I will look for some pick-up points.
Maybe offices, health centres or co-working spaces.
Any suggestions are welcome!

Watch this space or email me to register your interest: